WP 4 Training Programmes

Activity N° Activity Title Start date End date Place Description of the activity carried out Specific and measurable indicators of achievement
4.1 Establishing technical framework for E-Learning. Jul 2014 Aug 2014 Amsterdam Activity has been skipped because of budget cut for software licence. To ensure the project objective will still be met, has been an agenda item for the PSC3 in Chernivtsi. Licence Certificate, project records available on the EANET Google Drive.
4.2 Development of E-Learning and training material for EAN staff. Jun 2014 Jan 2015 Amsterdam Project records, available on the EANET Google Drive.
4.3 Blended learning training for 10 EAN association staff in Berlin (1st year). 19 Nov 2014 21 Nov 2014 Berlin EAN staff has been trained in November 2014.The training covered subjects such as

·         member acquisition

·         coordinating an entrepreneur alumni network

·         creating effective incentives

·         activating members and members? participation

·         get to know operations of entrepreneur alumni network at FUB

The aim was to ensure basic knowledge of all participants and to develop tools in order to enable everyone to start setting up their EAN.

10 people trained.After the training, the following activities were taken by EAN members:·         organizing events in relation to encourage the entrepreneurial awareness and spirit among the students

·         creating targeted approach for gaining more alumni members

·         designing the workshops in order to promote the knowledge for students, university staff and alumni in various fields such as Marketing, PR, Advertising, and Business Planning

·         Supporting the innovative ideas by creating and running the competitions within the HEI among the students and alumni.


The blended learning handbook is available on the EANET Google Drive.

4.4 Development of Training material for EAN members. Aug 2015 Jun 2017 Amsterdam For each of the trainings organised in the project, the supporting training materials, as well as train-the-trainer materials, have been developed to facilitate EAN members to provide similar trainings for their network and staff. All training materials are available in the EANET Google Drive.
4.5 Blended learning for EAN members at Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship. Jul 2015 Feb 2016 Chernivtsi Training consisted of methods of entrepreneurship training and building enthusiasm for entrepreneurship amongst students, graduates and staff.Participants shared best practices and were given insights from best practices in other parts of the world. Training was well received by participants. Slides and supporting documentation has been uploaded onto the EANET Google Drive.
4.6 Development of Sustainable Training Material. Jun 2016 Mar 2017 Amsterdam Training material regarding entrepreneurial mind-set development, entrepreneurship education and building entrepreneurial ecosystems, has been developed and training sessions have been provided, with the EAN member universities and alumni entrepreneurs. Materials are available on the EANET Google Drive, directories of the different training meetings.
4.7 Sustainability Training for EAN staff in Tbilisi (3rd year). Jun 2017 Jun 2017 Tbilisi Training provided for EANET Partners and their alumni network representatives, to discuss together how to proceed after the project is finalized and come to agreements of collaboration. 32 Participants. Memoranda of Understanding/intent signed between partners from Ukraine.Intentions shared between MD, UK and GE.

All information on the programs and contents of the training materials should be used only for project purposes and with the relevant references to the sources.