WP 3 Building and developing an EANET database

Activity N° Activity Title Start date End date Place Description of the activity carried out Specific and measurable indicators of achievement
3.1 No. of entries in database. 01-01-2017 30-09-2017 Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia All partners have imported their EAN members into the database. Project Partner                Number of database entriesP04 CHNU 306P05 KHNU 309

P06 KHNURE 382


P08 KROK 118

P09 ASEM 10

P10 USB 55

P11 USC 72

P12 ISU 94

P13 GTU 10

P14 KU 15


Total of entries 1,446

3.2 Setup an Entrepreneur Alumni social community. 17.11.2014 01.12.2016 Iași, RO and all partner countries 1. Analysis on previous experiences on EAN or Alumni Networks: Research on best practices from network partners and other universities2. Elaborating the graphic design of the platform.3. Development of the EAN online community.

4. Internal training on using and administrating the online community for each partner country.

·         Research report·         Mock-up of the social community·         Interim evaluation report

·         Graphic design proposal

·         The EAN online social community

·         Training package

·         3,763 persons are following group pages on Facebook of alumni entrepreneurs.

3.3 Design the newsletter and fill with content (in collaboration with WP6). 18.08.2015 01.12.2016 Iași, RO and all partner countries 1.      Proposing a newsletter format for EAN social community2.      Collecting Newsletter content from project partners. 49 Newsletters were issued external (subject the EANET-project). For examples please follow the link:
http://tempuseanet.info/eanet-newsletter/Local websites for alumni communities were created by P04 CHNU, P05 KHNU, P06 KHNURE, P08 KROK, P09 ASEM, P11 USC, P13 GTU. Each of the above-mentioned partners chose its own strategy of communication with their alumni.
3.4 International linkage of database, online platform and communities. 01.06.2016 01.12.2016 Iași, RO and all partner countries Collecting the Databases from each partner in order to populate the social community portal/website (at least 10 entries from each partner). Databases from all partner countries are imported, in total 1,446 entries (end of Nov 2017).
3.5 Documentation of users per day and activities on the platform. 31.08.2015 01.12.2016 Iași, RO Monthly analysis of user’s activity on the social community. Reports in EANET Google Drive.