EANET – Evaluation Chernivtsi SC Meeting September 2017

CHE Consult conducted an evaluation of the SC meeting held in Chernivtsi through an online survey that was available from 5 September 2017 to 9 September 2017. In total, 28 participants were invited to take part in the survey. However, 17 took part and 14 participants completed the questionnaire (response rate of 50 percent). An evaluation scale from one (not good / completely disagree) to five (very good / completely agree) has been used throughout the survey.
The entire evaluation has been divided into four sections. These sections are:
▪ Part 1: Assessment of organizational aspects
▪ Part 2: Assessment of content activities
▪ Part 3: Assessment of leisure activities
▪ Part 4: Assessment of meeting outcomes
Thereby each section follows the same structure. First the data will be presented. Sec-ond the outcome gets evaluated. Following, the results of every part get set into relation with the results of the last evaluation from the meeting in Kiev. Finally, every section ends up with the improvement suggestions of the participants.
However, before the actual results of the rating will be deeper investigated, first the focus is put on the rating of the meeting in general. Figure 1 illustrates the assessment of the meeting in general. 50 percent of the participants assessed the meeting as ‘very good’. 36 percent rated it as ‘rather good’, 14 percent as ‘adequate’. No participant rated the meeting with ‘rather not good’ or ‘not good’.
In general a slight positive change can be observed compared to the last meeting in Kiev. The number of participants who rated the SC meeting with ´very good´ has increased by eight percent. However, the number of participants who rated ´rather good´ decreased by six percent. In total, the percentage share of ´very good´ and ´rather good´ combined increased by two percent. No participant rated the meeting as ‘rather not good’ or ´not good´.

2017 09 EANET Evaluation Chernivtsi PSCM6