Interviews with 9 alumni entrepreneurs of KROK

Liudmyla Dyka

Liudmyla Dyka
Director of tourism company “Wild Tour”
My professional story
After obtaining a Master’s degree in Economics I began to work as an economist in the Ministry of Finances of Ukraine, where in two years I received a promotion and became the chief economist of the financial department. That’s where I got my first professional experience. Totally I dedicated nine years to the Ministry of Finances.
Since university my aim was to create a business. The desire to develop and promote my own “product” was my drive and I began to accumulate capital from my earliest wages. When I started to earn money, I implemented my dream – travelling around Ukraine and visiting of other countries. Eventually, I realized that it is the tourism sector where I would like to invest my resources. So in 2008 I established my travel company “Wild Tour”, which quickly took one of the largest niche among operators of the active tourism in Ukraine and beyond.
To receive my results I went through the simultaneous combination of the work in Ministry of Finances of Ukraine, the creation and development of the company and bringing up of the twins. It was a difficult time, but I had a clear thought: “Doing right now the maximum possible. The more I do now, the better the situation I will have in three – five – ten years. It is too early to relax. “In achieving the goal I had to overcome the stereotypes of my relatives and believe that I will succeed by doing “work for 4 people”. The principle position of honesty and dignity in business often was an obstacle, but I stubbornly preserved it, and it also produced the results. Persistence in achieving of my goals helped me in difficult moments not to give up. The experience, gained in the Ministry, and my tendency to budgeting of any process contributed to the formation of proper business plans, and I`m proud of that.
Connection with University
I am pleased to know that my university graduates are successful in their fields. This effectively affects the image of “KROK” University. I am already an alumnus, member of “KROK” University Alumni Association, happy to support the projects of KROK – such as “Step to the family united Ukraine” and a competition for scholarships.
What I am proud of and what inspires me
Belief in Ukraine and pride that I am Ukrainian often gave me the strength to fight for a place under the sun. Sense of humor, faith in better philosophical attitude to life – that helps to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Early in my childhood I dreamed of having twins, the boys. I believe in the power of the energy and power of one`s own desires. I wanted to educate Ukrainian, the true gentlemen. Then it seemed to me that there are little of them:) The proverb “What a woman wants is what God wants” worked!
My advice
Giving advice is not my favorite thing, especially general advice, because everything is individual. Yet what I really think is necessary to achieve any goal – professional or personal knowledge – I will outline here:
1. Believe in yourself, even when you’re the only person who believes in you. You still know more about yourself than others.
2. Do not try to please everybody. It is impossible. This is a great opportunity to perceive yourself as you are.
 3.Your weaknesses – what are they? Very often what we believe is our disadvantage in reality appears to be our strengths. We must understand how to use them in the right perspective.
4.Be worthy. “There is the time to scatter stones, and there is the time to gather them” – for me it is a litmus in matters of honor and dignity.


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Людмила Дика

Alla Kolchina

Alla Kolchina
Entrepreneur, designer
At this moment I work with design of residential and commercial premises, interior and exterior design. Moreover I have a school in which I teach everything that I can do myself. I received professional experience on my own, because I decided to try to work for myself. By the desire to be the best among the competitors I was motivated to professional growth.
There was a period (in 2008), when I decided to go to work for a large company. But after 8 months I understood that I have to work for myself. I resigned, having gained valuable experience and connections. At that time I decided that we should look for something that is interesting for people at the time when they lack money. It turned out that many people want to learn how to do a design on their own to save money. Moreover many people want to change their profession. So this is how I received my first students and I realized that my new activity brings me even more pleasure than the previous one. Training activities at my school consist of several different stages and everyone can choose what he/she is interested in – drawing, 3D drawing, theoretical course, or maybe all together.
Connection with KROK Alumni Association
Today I maintain contacts with the University through the “KROK” University Alumni Association. My husband received a second higher education at the University, and my two sons are studying at the Kiev Business Lyceum. I am proud that as a designer I helped to design the interiors of the Association Headquarters. Alumni Association helps me to promote my services. I`m very interested in international partnerships for learning design innovations, exchange of experience, contacting of the companies that produce or sell design materials.
What am I proud of and what inspires me
I have received in life everything that I wanted: a job that I love, a big family. Now it remains to cherish what I have, and learn new things. I would say that teaching is my hobby. I enjoy the fact that I can share my experience, and I also learn a lot from the students!
My advice
Do not be afraid to constantly change life and move ahead! It is not necessary to work according to the acquired specialty, but remember that all knowledge will be useful. Everything that you do will return to you twice.





Miseliuk Serhii, entrepreneur-alumni of KROK University

Miseliuk Serhii, entrepreneur-alumni of KROK University
General Director of Ltd “Prostory of Ukraine”
My professional story begins with the first year of living in Kiev. I understood very well that moving to Kiev was the beginning of an independent, adult life. Therefore, the question of “to work or not to work” – did not even appear. I started to work in parallel with the full-time training at “KROK” University.
Since 2002 I worked in a security company. In 2003 I began to work as an assistant of security guard at “KROK” University, due to which I received a discount for training.
According to my major I started to work in the company “Generation” in 2005. This was a turning point of my life. I was accepted to the position of “Trade Administrator”. The post assumed a great responsibility. Despite the lack of experience, I was confirmed to this position, as it seems to me for the following reasons:
1.The employer was trying to save money, therefore half of the salary for this position was offered to me.
2. I was recommended by a student of our university, and he invited me to go for an interview.
3. The most important is that I believed in myself. The head of the department asked me during interview, how I intend to work without knowing anything, I replied: “If someone shows me what I have to do, I will do it better than any other.” During half a year, I was promoted 4 times.
In 2006, I moved from LLC “Generation” to LLC “Konfael” to the post of Administrative Director. After six months I became a Director. I was 24 years old. In this short time, I realized that impossible is possible. My success recipe is to do your job in a way you work for yourself.
In 2008, I left LLC “Konfael” for the reason that personal development in this company was not an important issue. Already in December of the same year, my partners and I founded our own company LLC “Prostory of Ukraine”.
We have been working already for more than 6 years. The staff is 18 people. We are still young, we have much to grow, and already at this stage, we have great achievements. Our organization received state awards, conducts social and charity activities, has a football team and a sport hall for employees.
Connections with Alumni Association
Without a doubt, the training at “KROK” was VERY helpful in my professional life! The experience of overcoming the problems that I had to face during my studies was very valuable. The University is the primary school of life in which we are developed as individuals. In the future this made a huge impact on our career development.
I keep in touch with “KROK” after graduation. I joined the Alumni Association of “KROK” University, and for the last two years, I am the member of the Association.
What am I proud of and what inspires me
I am proud to have become a manager in a relatively short period – 16 months from the moment of my first professional position. I am proud that together with my colleagues we created a successful business without starting capital. I am inspired by my beloved wife, as well as by many goals that I will achieve!

Work is only a part of my life, the second part. The superiority belongs to the family. I met my wife Julia at “KROK”. For more than 10 years we have been in love with each other and we are going to do it a 100 times more. For this time different things happened: both good and complicated. And she always supported me. I wish you to meet your partner, with whom you can grow love – strong and reliable.
I wish everybody to always be self-confident, not to be afraid to take responsibility and live according to your heart.




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Oleksandr Pavlovskyi

Oleksandr Pavlovskyi
Director of “Saturn-K”
Inspired to be aspired to do!
After graduation from the University I started to work in family business, leading the technical department, then became a director. Today it is the corporation that deals with technical security systems that include video surveillance, access control, fire alarm, notifications etc.
Today I have a dream – to create the perfect client-oriented construction company. Earlier this year, my partners and colleagues decided to create a company that would provide a full range of services in the field of construction.
I`m also attracted by an alternative energy. Already I have a business plan for the construction of solar power plants. The only obstacle is the need to find investors ready to work on the Ukrainian market. But I`m sure we will implement this idea.
What is needed for career growth? In my opinion, it is desire, knowledge, commitment, performance, continuous improvement.
What I am proud of and what inspires me
I`m very much interested in creation of the consortium of enterprises. I hope that EANET can help in implementing of this initiative and developing of new international partnerships, creating of the new ideas.
Besides work, I find time for painting and social initiatives, like assistance to students, pensioners, children in orphanages, ATO soldiers.
In the past I organized the basketball tournament for teenagers, paved concrete roads in the Pechersky region.
The plans for this year is to develop a small cozy park at Mechnikov street.
My advice
Dream of big, valuable for the people, focus on knowledge needed for that. And only then you will plan how to reach your dreams.
And my personal secrets of success – is knowledge, orientation on goal, action.





Shemeliak Maria

Shemeliak Maria
Co-founder of Workshop of natural cosmetics Lütique
Member of the Alumni Association of the University “KROK” since 2010
Motto: When you take any action – do not be afraid, and if you are afraid – keep doing it.
In the 10th grade I worked on local TV in the youth program. There I earned the first money. Then I underwent Au-pair programs in Germany, Work and Travel in America with various “student” professions during the studies – promoter, waiter, bartender, sales consultant. After school, everything became more serious – I worked at Philip Morris, conducted lectures at schools, organized internship for “KROK” students and performed complicated but extremely interesting work in the Foundation for Assistance to Stray Dogs. I think that in the Foundation I was able to accumulate all my skills and capabilities, to get a huge versatile experience and this helped me in the future to create my company and be able to establish the necessary processes in it.
My career growth is the result of interest and a desire to try something new, sense of responsibility and hard work :)
 Connection with Alumni Association
After graduation from “KROK” I do not only go to the university for a visit or for another training organized by the Alumni Association, but I take part in various projects that connect the University and my business – I hold workshops for students, organize traineeships for the students, provide prizes for the events of KROK UAA, help to organize exhibitions of sales. I have fabulous experience in video interviewing within the EANET project and talk to representatives of Hogeschool of Amsterdam. Due to the Alumni Association I was able to get an additional education with a 50% discount. I`m very grateful to “KROK” University Alumni Association and Business League – for the organization of vivid networking and knowledge transfer events, involvement in various projects and in general for warm communication and delicious tea.
 What inspires me
I am proud that my partner and I were able to create our own company, which brings joy and pleasure to other people. Every time I receive inspiration from feedback of grateful customers, get inspired by the perspectives that I see before us, and the support that we receive from our friends.
At the moment my work is my hobby – this is what I can do for days, what brings me pleasure and satisfaction, and how I realize myself. But in addition to making cosmetics, without which I do not imagine a day of my life, I have another hobby – yoga, that inspires me a lot.
My advice
Learn English. This is something that cannot be postponed until later. And then when it really is needed, it may be too late.
Do not be afraid to try, believe in yourself, in your power, be interested in what is around you, and find your goal in life – for what you will be ready to work, to try and find inspiration!






Anna Soloid

Anna Soloid
Managing Partner of the Platform of professional realization Start2Go
Member of the “KROK” University Alumni Association since 2012
My first professional experience is the work as graphic designer in Odessa regional Philharmonic. Now this has nothing to do with my profession, but an understanding of the state structure, communication skills and ability to conduct multiple projects simultaneously I learnt there.
The real professional experience, inspiration by education, understanding of the project work and organization of the circle of professional acquaintances I developed during 4 years of active participation in the international youth organization AIESEC. Then I worked at the Center of Entrepreneurship Startup Ukraine. It was a very intensive experience, interesting contacts, understanding of the importance of things we do. At that time, I determined for myself that I could not work without understanding of values, mission, content. At Startup Ukraine we started to do vocational projects, worked with students. Probably, the desire to move in career direction appeared there.
After Startup Ukraine there were lots of projects in education, consulting, marketing and simultaneously step by step I created Start2Go project. Now our project covers most of my time, but there are other projects in education and career guidance that provide additional experience, knowledge, contacts for my own growth and business development.
Connection with Alumni Association
While training at “KROK” I met lots of people, who are now my close friends, colleagues and business partners. Today “KROK” is an integral part of my work thanks to Svetlana Zaripova, energy of which is enough for support and involvement of university alumni. I`m glad to be the part of EANET project. I presented my business at International Highlight Event in Moldova and was interviewed.
What I am proud of and what inspires me

I am proud of our project, team and members of our events. For me, happiness is to do what you believe in and what has its own value for people, society and country. Helping people to find their profession, to see how they grow personally and professionally, to support them in this way – it inspires me very much. I believe in human uniqueness, talents and abilities. And I think that if the number of people who will work with enthusiasm, passion, love for their own business increase, then this country will achieve its inevitable success! :)
Now we have a lot of initiatives and projects, and therefore I would like to get up earlier to do more, smile more. Together with my partner Irina Prokofieva (also alumnus of “KROK”) I`m involved in many initiatives and projects as invited expert and guest, trying to spread the idea of ​​”akin labor” as widely as possible. Just encourage people to seek, not to stop, to reveal themselves – this is the most important.
My advice
I do not like to give advice. I think that everyone has to find own way, and what is the most importantly – to feel what is right and wrong for him/herself. So my secret of success is to listen to yourself, do as you consider right and relevant to your principles and values ​​and move your own way.

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Olena Valkovska

Olena Valkovska
Co-owner of Marketing Agency “SMarT”
Member of the “KROK” University Alumni Association since 2007.
Member of the Board of KROK UAA in 2009-2011
Motto: Do not try to be like others in doing something, and then others will try to be like you.
“KROK” University was my start, both in terms of conscious early adult life, and in terms of my conscious choice of professional development. It was during the training that I started to learn the practical world of marketing and loved it.
Each step of my professional development, each new job is a new volume of practical knowledge and skills, which also extended my professional capabilities. For over 20 years of work I received experience in almost all spheres of marketing.
Connection with the Alumni Association
A few years after graduation, I joined “KROK” University Alumni Association, was the member of Management Board and now I`m an active member – I try to respond to any request from the University and to be useful for other alumni and students, especially for those who want to develop themselves as marketers.
What I am proud of and what inspires me
Over the years I implemented so many of successful projects, that it is difficult to count them all. Usually you remember your first experience and something that you are working on at the moment. However, I noticed that the greatest satisfaction is seen when the result of your work begins to live its own life, for example when in the shop the buyer chooses the product, created by me. And if he/she even advises the product to you – this is the highest score!
My advice
Do not be afraid to experiment. The result of the experiment is always an experience that makes you stronger and wiser. The main thing is to make conclusions each time.
Tackle each case as if you do it for the first time and avoid patterns. Then life will be more interesting.





Yaremkovych Dmytro

Yaremkovych Dmytro
CEO of educational center for entrepreneurs “Startup Ukraine”, previously – marketing director at (TravelMap and
Member of the Alumni Association of the University “KROK” since 2015
My professional story.
Like most of students, I worked part time, performing various tasks: put up ads, handed out flyers, worked on corporative events, appeared in advertising and even sold the services of mobile operator on the street. In general, I was curious to get any work experience and become financially independent as soon as possible. After the 11th grade, I trained all summer in “Veneto” in the marketing department. At 1 and 2 courses I worked part time at the abovementioned positions, and in summer after the second course I went to work part-time as marketing assistant at “Veneto”. To tell the truth, I got the position due to the acquaintance, but not for any merit. I worked till noon, and then ran to study at university. This continued for a while, and then I was proposed to go to a 4-day working week. It was then I realized that my position was not due to familiarity, but because I was useful for the company. I processed the free schedule at my University and began to devote to work all my time – I was employed full-time. I only attended lectures at the university that I have been really interested in. After 2 years of working for the company, I decided to retire – unfortunately I had big problems at the University. I spent several sleepless nights to pass the session. And yet after 4 days when it was all over, my friends, colleagues and partners held the first meeting, which was beginning of the TravelMap creation.
Connections with KROK University Alumni Association
I don`t have much time to maintain ties with the University. The main sources of information about the University and its life are social networks and internal newsletters. Me and my company several times gladly supported competition for scholarships and gave our scratch cards to the best students – participants of the contest. My company also offered the premises for the organization of students` events.
What inspires me
I am very demanding for myself, so any my achievement becomes just the start to another purpose. I study a lot even after graduation, I visit workshops, seminars, courses. I hope that this will help me to become better. Sometimes I deliver the lectures on various topics on marketing or simply spend inspiring meetings. It`s cool to have possibility to share something with people, because knowledge as well as money have to circulate constantly. 3 times a week I go to courses and learn strategies, and after the 4-month course I plan to develop management skills.
Besides my work I have my beloved girl and I try to spend almost all my spare time with her.
I have problems with hobby. I can not allocate time for it, although I understand its the importance. For now this is the main area of development.
My advice
Today I understand that there is no secret of success. My girlfriend says the following:
“Someone does the action, but someone does not – that`s the only difference between successful and unsuccessful people.” She has achieved a lot in life, so perhaps one should listen to her advice.


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Natalia Zaverukha

Natalia Zaverukha
Founder of the consulting company and consultant on the description and optimization of the business processes
Founder of Ukrainian portal of sharing of things and services “Pliushkin”
Motto: We ourselves must become the changes you want to see in the world.
 My professional story
Along with training at the University in 2007 I received the first professional experience in the IT company “ProNET” as the assistant of project manager. During several years I changed some positions –was an expert on corporate governance and sales manager. In 2009 I became the head of the quality management department of the same company, and a year later became the deputy director for quality and organization of business processes.
Today I`m the founder of the consulting company and consultant on the description and optimization of the business processes. My career is developing due to the constant desire to learn and to take responsibility, to open new horizons. In 2017 I underwent through the program for young leaders Open World, that is financed by the Congress of the USA. In fact I`m very glad to have the opportunity to do things I love and develop my own business.
Connection with Alumni Association
After graduation from the University I happily support the university as a member of the Management Board of the Alumni Association. I do my best to support Business League. I participated in EANET events – monitoring of the project by Erasmus Plus Office, training in Chernivtsi. I was the speaker and organizer of the numerous events of Business League at KROK University.
What I am proud of and what inspires me
I am proud of my family and the opportunity to create a business in Ukraine. It’s definitely not easy, but it’s a great experience!
I also develop my startup “Pliushkin” – national portal for sharing things. We stand for ecological consumption, save money for our users and give second life to things that are no longer used. It allows me to escape from the corporate world and make a product that is useful to everyone. I would like “Pliushkin” to enter the international market and continue development. I believe EANET project will help me to develp valuable international contacts. I find that it is perfect to be able to build my life in a way that I could say “It was me who did that”. In my free time I like to play chess – I’d be happy to meet you for the game of chess! Noteworthy to mention that I have my little son Mark.
 My advice
Set high goals and go for their implementation, the first steps are the hardest, and then you will meet the partners. And do not forget to ask for advice and help even strangers – it works and gives you great benefits!
Life is in our hands!